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Affordable & Workforce Housing

St. Petersburg, FL

City of St. Petersburg Goal 2020 - 2030:

Impact: approximately 8,000 households & 20,000 community members

The Housing Shortage

One of the most urgent challenges St. Petersburg faces is a lack of housing availability. Despite record-setting new residential construction, supply has not kept up with demand. The result is a steep increase in the costs of living.  

Solving The Housing Shortage

The challenge is compounded by high construction costs, limited land, loss of traditional low-income housing and demographic trends. This website is designed to help policymakers, developers, advocates and investors make smart decisions. There is no silver bullet, but there are hundreds of actions that can all help attack the problem from different angles and perspectives.

Complete: 1786
In Progress: 2067
In Progress:

The Data

Answers for the housing availability and affordability crisis will only come from public, private and nonprofit entities working together with a common understanding of the problem, a shared vision about solutions, clear roles and a steadfast commitment to long-term solutions.

Breakdown of Types of Developments Contributing to Goal Progress

The table below shows the current progress and the ultimate end goal for different types of housing unit initiatives across the city.

As of Q4 2023, projects completed and in progress toward the total goal.
In-progress projects include funded, permit in review, permit approved and under construction

Need By Zip Code

View and compare the affordable housing needs based on the AMI for each zip code within the city.

See the Actions Our Community is Taking

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See Developments Addressing Affordable Housing

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